Calling a Child Yours!

I believe that if you’re going to have a child and call it yours you should be responsible and take the action to actually take care of the child, instead of saying you have a child and you say you take care of it while someone else is actually taking care of the child and taking the responsibility and not getting any credit. While all the credit should be to the person that is raising the child, not to the one that says they are when they aren’t ❤ Just my personal feeling. No downing anyone. But I do believe if you don’t want the responsibility to be a parent then don’t have sex, give it up for adoption to a couple who really wants a child because they can’t have one of their own. They are too many children today who are having children and not wanting the responsibility of raising the child. They want all the fun without the side effects… We as children of God should take care of our children when God blesses us with them know matter how old we are when God blesses us with that child. He said we are old enough to have sex we are old enough to spend all night up with that child, raising that child.  ❤ Children are very special. If you want to have sex with out the side effects; don’t have sex. They are one way and one way only that children are made, if you wan to do that and if you believe you are old enough to do that then you are old enough to raise the child God has blessed you with. Grow up! Take the action of raising your own child.  Don’t want the responsibility of a raising a child don’t have sex. God tells is multiple times to stay absent till marriage. The way to fix all the teen pregnancies  is to listen to what God had told us to do. He has his reason why we should  listen; if  we don’t we have to grow up and take the responsibility of our actions! Back to what I was saying calling a child yours is taking the action on raising that child not just saying I have one but the child lives with so and so. Learn to grow up and act your age, if you’re young grow up and act your age. You say you’re old enough to have sex then you are old enough to raise that child you conceived. To them teens and people that actually take care of their own children thank you!. ❤ Remember that child you conceived and gave birth to is a blessing, God lent you one of his children to you to raise ,to teach them of his ways, to care for and love.

Thank you for listening.  ❤


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