Day Two

Day two.

My hands are so cold,

my feet are froze,

my stomach is so grumbly,

my face is so flush,

my lips are so chapped,

my head is pounding,

my chest burns like it’s on fire,

and my heart feels like its stopped.

By: Nebraska Walters

Writing on: 5-17-2011

I do got to say yeah I’ve cried today but I’ve held them o’l tears back just like that song “A Little bit Stronger” By: Sara Even It will take time but the tears will stop… I’ve cried less then I did yesterday so I think I’ve done good. Still cried and there hasn’t been a minute I’ve not felt like they’re not there in my eyes; they are still, they’ve just not feel.

Them days have come and gone, I’ll miss them strong, I’ll cherish ever second and every memory we shared strong. By: Nebraska On: 5-17-2011


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