Fairy Tales

The thought of you with her kills
Like torcher in the great moon light.
You where suppose to be mine and mine alone till there’s no more of us but dust and bones.
Even then we where forever and always even after dust and bones.
Does this mean that love is all lies and fairy tales? Or
Does this mean that lies and fairly tales mean love?
Lies, un-honest tales cut deep within our soul.
No man or animal will ever tell.
They go so deep no time in space can ever heal.
They stain and stay forever to reappear.
Fairy tales are dreams, romance, happiness, love and care.
To make the smiles appear but underneath the fine white sheet there’s truth to tell.
Darkness, bitterness, lies, and blame.
Even fights and shame.
No life on earth can ever be a fairy tale as it appears.
As this tale plans out what it shall be I can finely tale that fairy tales and shared dreams are only found in made up fairy tale dreams.
Fairy tales are not for me, they’re all make believe.


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