Just a Cold

I wipe the tears from my eyes as if I was dusting dirt off my rump. The tears seem to never stop falling. The feeling is unbearable as someone ripped my chest open, stabbed a billion needles into my heart as they pull the vanes out of my body one at a time just to pleasure themselves. The tightening of my eyes make them look old and wore. The redness of my skin makes the pell white skin look red as a sunburnt apple. The numbness comes over just to ease the pain a little at a time. The screams I scream from the inside that not a soul hears yells out “Dear Lord why do I have to bear this type of pain? Haven’t I dealt enough with the trials I have dealt? Take the pain I feel.” The stuffiness of the nose allows all to hear just a bit of the pain I feel. As some will know and others it’s yet just a cold.

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