Life, Life, Life!

July 4, 2011

My life is one crazy rollercoaster it goes up, down, spins around and around and upside down at times but it always comes back to a smooth straightaway although sometimes it leaves me the same and sometimes it changes me either way I stick it out. I live life as my own. I get pushed around, walked on, talked trash behind my back and sometimes feels like I’m on this ride by myself that know ones sticking it out with me when they say they are. I try to not let it brother me because they’re missing out on a friend of a life time. In my life I take so much crap from people between there big mouths and selfish attitudes. I keep my mouth shut about it but one day in my life I will tell them people to screw off; My life isn’t the easiest and they don’t know shanizzle about it or me so they can do what they please. My life is my life and they’re 17 and 1/2 chapters in it and huge as ever and still adding to it.. My life is one big story and one long rollercoaster ride.


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