Why Bother

Why cry tears about someone who cries not a single tear for you?
Why forgive someone who keeps doing the same thing over and over?
Why keep trusting someone who keeps breaking that trust over and over?
Why love someone who doesn’t love you?
Why is it the natural thing to do is to cry tear after tear for that person, keep forgiving, fighting for that trust, and keep loving that person who betrays you in so many ways when in fact it’s the billionth time.
Why bother trying to be there?
Why bother forgiving over and over?
Why bother trying to build the trust?
Why bother trying to be their friend?
Why bother?
Why be the only one crushed and in pain in the scene of life?
Why bother?
Why bother being the only one feeling this way?
Why bother trusting anyone when you feel so alone and betrayed?
Why bother?


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