My Stars in my Night Sky

I want to tell you some  back story on my husband and I. We’re not your tropical husband and wife. I honestly feel like we’ve been through a lot in our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend as well as husband and wife. We’ve known each other for quite some time. We meet in the 6th grade at our church. So let me back that up a little further. Well at the end of summer my 5-6th grade year I was invited by a friend to go to this church. I wasn’t currently going to any church because the last one I went to I felt as if I didn’t fit in and I was bullied at. I liked the church although some mean kids as well as all my friends moved away. Well one Wednesday night I walked down the road to my friends house and hopped on the church van.  Never to have know so much of my life would be changed by that one decision in my life. I meet friends of my friend who invited me to go to church with her a few weeks later my friends friend that I had met at church set me up on this blind date set up type thing. I talked to him a few times on the phone and on a Wednesday night. I couldn’t tell you the date but I can tell you what I was wearing my feelings and almost word for word what happened and was said. 

I come out from the bathroom yeah the bathroom for some odd reason us girls would go in the bathroom in a group. My new friend told me he was here.  

We where standing in the fellowship building near the two side doors, I was wearing my favorite black skirt at that time and my red fancy shirt I called my Buffy shirt, sandal heels. As I walked toward him I knew it was him. We chatted for a few minutes and he gave me this necklace. Mind you I still have that necklace. He was a slightly shorter than I was with bleach blonde hair. (He hadn’t grown yet, lol) I told him we couldn’t be boyfriend and girlfriend because we didn’t know each other well however we could be friends and see where that led. We both agreed. I felt so bad but I honestly felt like we should become friends before we started dating. 
A few years passed by. I always enjoyed being around him he always made me smile. He never realized it and he probably still doesn’t he was one of the only reason I would go to church. I always hoped he would be there. Summer of 2009 we hung it a lot with all the youth activities at the end of VBS he asked me out. Not knowing it would be almost three months before we start dating. After VBS I didn’t see him again till around September. I went to TX for a month I hated not giving him an answer before I left but I didn’t see him. while I was in TX I messaged him on MySpace but I didn’t ever get a response. I came back from TX and I saw him one time I wrote and gave it to him. I’ll never forget that one Wednesday where I saw him talking to this one girl (mind you she and I didn’t get along in the least bit) I was so mad and jealous and a bunch of feelings. Like well it’s my fought. I didn’t see him at church for a few weeks when he came back it was October 13, 2009 and I had already called it up as oh well. Not knowingly knowing he was okay with it and we started dating that night. I’ll never forget how he slipped my hand in his. 
Our relationship was crazy in high school. Brake up get back together and a bunch of other crap that had happened I’ll have to write about and how we made it through another day. Skip to March 2012. We had broken up yet again I called it quits I was like I’m done loving someone who can’t decide whom and what he wants. We got into a huge fight and I got charged with assault. We had a restraining order against one another till court or if he dropped the charges. Mind you I was defending myself from someone who I told to get off of me. We where arguing over a set of car keys. That night I’ll never forget because he walked slap dap in front of a car and I pulled him in the ditch. Another story to be told another time. 
At the end of senior year we got back together. Secretly because if we where caught taking even at school we would both be arrested. He dropped the charges and we moved on and worked crap once again out. I wasn’t looking for anything serious for my summer after high school simply because he couldn’t decide what he wanted or whom. I started dating him again with the knowledge of it would end the same way it had ended many times before. As soon as he leaves for basic and ait it would be over and we would move on with our own lives. Not knowingly knowing that summer would change my life forever. The end of July I found out I was pregnant with my first. I was scared. I couldn’t believe it and I didn’t want to be simply because I knew he was leaving in a month and a half. Months before we had talked about getting married and well it was called off again. He and I talked very seriously about everything. Before we went off and got married. I was skeptical because of our passed history. We where going to wait till he got back however we needed to move paper work with the military along. So we decided to get married September 6, 2012. My now husband left September 11,2012 for basic and ait. 
We moved to our first duty station lived there a year and a lot of crap happened that year however we welcomed our first son and we found out we where pregnant with our daughter. In Feb 2014 we broke up and I moved back home. Later I can add more details in our story. In April 2014 I received divorce papers in the mail. I’ll never forget standing outside in my mother front yard talking to the mail lady and receiving that letter with tears streaming down my face. I still held my head high. Months past, fights, arguments, custody battle, denying our daughter as his, him denying the fact he was with someone else amongst other things. Months go by and in March 2015 we somehow decided to work crap out and move on. 
Sitting here in Belgium in January of 2017 with this same man. We’ve. Wen back together almost two years and I can’t believe time has passed so fast but we’re stronger than we where before we broke up and he wanted a divorce. There’s something different about our relationship now. I wouldn’t want to go through any of the last seven years again and I have wished our relationship wasn’t do crazy however who’s isn’t crazy? Gods blessed me even through the rocky relationship. We’re no longer rocky and haven’t been for almost two years. I can’t say we’re perfect but we’re pretty close to it. He’s my stars in my night sky. Oh I love my purple headed penguin. 


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