Galaxy’s story

Galaxy is my second born child. She is my first daughter. She’s the reason I made it through a difficult time in my life. Here is her story.

I found out I was pregnant December 20, 2013 at 6 weeks. With the due date of August 15, 2014  I had a feeling I was pregnant but I didn’t know for sure. My periods where messed up because of the birth control I was on. In  November I stopped taking the birth control because of the issues I was having on it. At 4 weeks I took a test and it was negative so I just figured my period was like it was when I was on the birth control and that was every 6 weeks I would have a period.  2 weeks later I took a test and it came back positive. I was heating the oven to cook pizza for supper for my husband and son. I wanted to move the pepperoni around and make it the letter B for baby however during the test I should have locked the door because my husband busts in and goes “are you pregnant?” while grabbing at the test laying on the counter.

On Jan 23, 2014 my husband and I finely got to see our new addition to the family. I was 10 weeks 3 days pregnant.  With life leading into a different direction my husband and I separated. With the craziness of separation my husband denied the child as his. I found out I was having a girl with my mother-n-law, and a few friends. I messaged him not caring if he knew it was a boy or girl simply because he was already starting to deny the child. I left the doctors office with a beautiful little girl in my tummy, a son with blue eyes that sparkle.

Months passed and I got huge. I did like every pregnant woman and gained unwanted weight. With the craziness life had blessed me with I was pretty much along during the whole pregnancy basically just like my first however. Being a single, 20 year old, soon to be divorced mother of two, going to college. Life in it self was a crazy and life was going nuts far from what I had ever wished it to be.  On the night I went into labor I though about contacting my husband however I know he wouldn’t care he was off sleeping with some woman he only had just met. Not to mention he had already show no emotion about the baby in anyway and denying she was his. When I went into labor and I thought it was braxen hicks contractions because I was having them regularly and would last a while and where regular but went away. This time they where not going away. I went to bed hoping I could get some rest before she decided to come. A few hours later I  woke up hurting and having contractions. I timed them and waited for a while. I then decided to go wake my mom up to tell her that I was in labor.

After being in labor a while I decided to take a shower and see if the water would help me relax. I took the longest hot shower in the middle of the night I had ever took. I even ate earlier in the night because I was hungry. I had oatmeal. My grandmother was planning on coming up and going with us to the hospital so while I was in the shower my mom went ahead and called her to come up. shortly after she got there we decided to leave because it was a 30-45 minute ride to the hospital and it was cloudy and rainy and my contractions where like 5 minutes apart. Needless to say I thought I was going to have her in the car. We made it to the hospital. When we got there they where trying to check me in I told them it will have to wait. I had like 4 contractions back to back on top of each other. They finely was like we will do this later get her up stairs. I get to a room and the nurses where trying to hook me up to a monitor and to check me out while still trying to do all the paper work. Well they’re like don’t worry about she’s coming. “Call the doctor now!” one of the nurses said to another. The contractions where on top of each other. The doctor comes in and says lets check you out so I  lay down. My water hadn’t broken the doctor  told me lets break your water and we will have a baby in less than 15 minutes. She breaks my water. Mind you that is a weird feeling when they break your water and it doesn’t break on its own. I get up on my knees on the bed with my mom and grandma on each side helping me stay up because I can not lay on my back the doctor was going to go sign in because she came and checked on my first. The doctor comes back when I let the loud holler out she’s walking as fast as she could almost running. I push once and she’s coming out I push again and I get told to stop pushing. The have to turn her sideways and wiggle her some. I get told to push again and I did and out she came. My grandma got to cut the umbilical cord. I lay back on the bed and I get to hold my beautiful little girl. She’s covered  this white stuff I later learned they called  it cheese.

Later on  I messaged my soon to be ex-husband that I had our daughter. I sent him a photo. He had our oldest son at the time down  in Louisiana. I’ll never forget the feeling I got when my ex told me I should have called him to let him know. My thought was “why, he’s not even claiming her and all he wants to do is get the free 10 days leave and he’s not bring my son home even if I do have her so why”? when we was denying the child. I stayed one night in the hospital and went home on the way home I was looking at my daughter mind you I have already noticed before but she looked just like my dad who had passed away a year before she was born down to the day. I found it very interesting she looked so much like my dad and she was born the exact day a year later from the date he died. The day after I got home from the hospital we met my ex to get my oldest son back. He held Galaxy but I’ll never forget him saying he wasn’t staying he was going straight back to Louisiana.  Needless to say I let him get back home to Louisiana and then called his Sargent and he got called right back into work and lost those days. I felt like those days where suppose to be for bring home a new baby nothing else.

I will never forget Jaspers expression when he saw her for the first time he didn’t know what to do he just kept looking at her. When I went to nurse her when we went to grab something to eat at Wendy’s he would not allow me to use a nursing cover he kept pulling it off.

Galaxy’s birth was very quick and I love her dearly.

Galaxy Raine Clairereece Chapman
Aug 12, 14
8 pounds 12 oz
20 1/2 Inches


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