When your Husband is away. 

 When your husband is away. So it’s 11:27 at night and I’m still awake I do not want to go to sleep. I’m tired and I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow however I don’it want to sleep. I always have this issue when my husband isn’t at home. I’ve never quiet understood it because I sleep decent when he is in the bed sleeping with me, holding me. When I go to sleep without him I’m more calm because I know he’s in the house but it isn’t the same. When he isn’t home for work or school or something going on for work I never go to bed early and I dread going to sleep. I do not know why I just know that, that is me. When my husband is away I can’t sleep. It’s a instantaneous miss. A broken routine. Nothing normal. I wonder if he feels the same way. If he misses me when he crawls in a empty bed. I know I do even with him rolling on top of me, stealing covers, hitting me in his sleep, hogging the bed, and so forth. 
Here’s to the start of my husband being gown to school for the week. Night one, day one. 🙂 


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