Husband is away part two

So yesterday was the second day that the husbands away. I cleaned the house up some. Mind you my house has gotten way out of control. Ever since my depression hit I don’t care to do anything anymore. I simply made myself get up and clean the house and set a home for me to do a few things a day and do normal daily stuff each day till the house is clean and my hubby is home. Picked up the all the rooms downstairs and swept, I washed clothes, mind you I have a mountain of clothes to fold up and I washed some dishes not all that where dirty. My little kiddos help me do it even though I had to stay on them to make them do everything. And yep again I forgot it was Monday so the trash didn’t get took out. That and it was poring down rain outside while cold when I remembered yesterday morning. Today I finished cleaning the kitchen. Only thing I didn’t do was wipe the inside of the fridge. But I did throw out everything that was bad. I washed one load of clothes to add to my cleaniest mountain. I mopped the downstairs and cleaned the bathrooms. If you have small children learning to go to the bathroom you know that, that’s a messy job. No matter how often you clean it along with cleaning up messes. A client from my photography ordered some images today. I actually ordered them tonight along with me a few. I pray that I got all hers if not I’ll just have to wait another 3 days to get them back and tell her there taking a few days longer than planned.  I went out with the kiddos. Anyone with a small child will know that it’s a hassle to drag a kiddo a round in and out of stores well times that by three and here I am today. I went to the post office to get cash back to go to the carrefour on post to pay our internet bill then around to the mall to go to the carrefour there to look at birthday stuff for my youngest sons first birthday. After we went to the px to get supper, gas card, and house old items. While talking to my mom on the px parking lot I wanted to send her a photo of some lingirie i had purchased at the malls carrefour. When I looked and I went to take a photo i relized the check out lady did not remove the funny looking black metal detector things on clothing items. Now after dragging my kids around all day I have to do it agian tomorrow ro get those things removed and go to the comissary to get grocerys. hubbys in anothee country for the week and well i get he privilage of carring along three under the age of three. today i got as
asked and told “it must be interesting to to the grocery store?!” oh they dont know the half of it. Everywhere A mother of multiples goes knows its nver a dull momment snd life is. wry intertaining needless to say. Hubbys gone and Im all alone. again up to the starts are almost gone. The love we hold still so stronge. the bound we have no one can bind. hubbys need to learn that they have it easy.


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