Liking Myself

So in the last few weeks I have learned to like myself just a little bit more. I use to wish that I had a different color eyes, that my smile is stupid, and my face isn’t the right shape. I feel bad for it though. I use to wish I look like so and so. Yet ever since I liked this one facebook  page for woman I have seen some woman I wouldn’t like to look like. That I much rather have my lips, my eyes, my smile, my face and so on. I hate that that is how I started liking myself a little more. They are still days that I wish I looked like so and so but I also have finely have a little bit in my to like myself more than wishing I was looking like someone else.  Even though  I still wish I was skinny and had smaller boobs I am getting to be happy with myself. I have more shape than some woman and a lot of woman wished they had my hourglass figure I still have even though I am a heavier girl.

Is it bad that is the reason I like myself a little more than I use to is because I don’t wish to look like this one chick?


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