Mommy Moments

Getting my children and I ready to head out to town. Mind you those children are 3, 2, and almost 1. I had already gotten my oldest son dressed. While I was looking for my youngest son some pants in the laundry room as well as my jeans. My daughter was playing with my oldest son and my oldest son told her “you can’t get out, you can’t get out.” while he locks the laundry room door. I’m standing there looking for the clothes. I tell him to open the door meanwhile trying wiggling the key in the doorknob. I lay down the clothes I got and I go try to open the door. The door was locked I told Jasper to use the key to unlock it. He tried and tried he couldn’t get it open. after he tried a few times I told him to go check on his little brother because the little dude was in the dinning room in his highchair. I tried taking the doorknob off yet it wouldn’t budge. So the next logical way to get out of the room is out the widow. I tried taking the screen out of the window but it wouldn’t work because  of the storm shutters on the outside. I tied to pull the screen out of the screen border but it wouldn’t work so I had to rip it open and crawl out of the window. You would think just call for someone well I never saw any of my neighbors nor did I have my phone it was in the kitchen on the charge.  When Got back inside my oldest son was still trying to unlock the door but he couldn’t get the key to turn right.

Mommy moments for sure. It was a way to start the new month for sure. Today as well when they got ahold of the liquid glue. Anyways another story for another time.


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