No strength 

Why do I let myself get like this? why do I allow my passed feelings to come in and destroy my good mood like the wind of a tornado shortly here yet the damage lasts forever. Am I broken? Or am a normal? I can never tell these days. Broken is the new normal. Maybe I’m the new me. Or maybe the true me is trapped never to be seen but when she’s slithers her way through to shine her smile so the world can see her quickly fades. Trapped within with no strength to care enough to show.  2-1-17


5 thoughts on “No strength 

  1. Trinity says:

    Depression can be debilitating, I know. Just know that you’re not alone, and that there is a way out. Baby steps. Smile at yourself in the mirror, and look away before you frown; decide each day to find something beautiful, something funny, something inspiring, and something worth learning – just with a google search if you can’t get out to do so. Such little things will begin to punch holes through the dark clouds. This is coming from someone who struggled for several years with depression…


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