My Journey


Hi, I am 23 years old, wife and mother of three small children ages 1, 2 ½ and almost 4. I would like to share my weight struggle, success and my journey now. I am going to start off with some common normally asked questions.


1.      When did your weight become an issue?


I have always been a thicker girl all the way back to early elementary school.




2.      What were your previous diet attempts?


This time around I have had just the normally cut back calories and count calories but it always failed because I feel like I would try to start way too much at one time.  Such as no this, no that, only this and I have to work out daily.




3.      What makes this time different?


This time is different because I have realized so much at one time is just too much and I just need to add it in over the next week or two and not all on day one time.




4.      What was your light bulb moment that pushed you to lose weight?


The number on the scale made me cry and I can’t do what I want to with my husband because he is in shape and I am not.




5.      How much did you lose so far? How long did it take?


I just started three days ago and I’m not sure how much I have lost. I guess this first week will only be a few pounds.




6.      How much do you have to lose now?


I have to lose 90 pounds to get to my goal of 125 pounds




7.      What kept you motivated when you were down?


I just keep pushing through the depression points. So far no failure but I just started 3 days ago.




8.      What do you think hitting goal will be like?


I think it will be great and I will fell awesome about myself.




9.      What is the biggest struggle: food, exercise, temptation?






10.   How has your weight loss effected your relationships?


I do not feel pretty enough to allow my husband to see me.




I wanting to lose some weight to get where I can run a mile straight, feel better about myself, and become more healthy. Now a little bit of my story. 




I have always been over weight, been the larger girl. It never stopped me from doing what I wanted to do though, if I wanted to play volleyball, if I wanted to do a back bind I done it. I am 5” 4. I have never been crazy over weight but I have been over weight.




I was like 11-12 and I weighted myself on day at my grandmas and I weighed 215 I had only been that weight for a short time and I lost back down to 198 and stayed there for years.  In 2009, 15 years old, weighing 198 I decided that I didn’t want to be the larger girl anymore.  I decided that I would lose some weight in November 2009 By January 2010 I had lost 17 pounds weighing 181, by July I had lost 38 pounds weighing 160, by December I had lost 43 pounds weighing 155, I was so excited I had never been 155 in my life. I have always been 198 ever since I was like 11 years old. By the time summer of 2011 I weighed 150 and I couldn’t believe it, I had lost 48 pounds. The last time I remember weighing myself was the summer of 2011 and I weighed 140.  I stayed at that weight for a while some life changing things happened and I just seemed to let go of everything and all I was worried about was graduating High School. I gained so weight back and by summer 2012 I weighed 160 and I didn’t like it. By the time I decided to lose the 10 pounds maybe a few more I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child. (Can’t lose weight while pregnant) During the time I was pregnant I gained a total of 38 pounds, which brought me back up to the 190s and only one pound away from what I was at my biggest, I cried when I saw that I was 197. I worked so hard on losing weight and during the time I was pregnant all I saw every time I saw the doctor was the scale go up, up, up, and away. I didn’t want to gain that much weight because I knew I would have to lose it after the baby. Surprisingly I have lost almost every pound I gained while pregnant without trying and 4 weeks after giving birth. I have to say it makes me feel better about myself. When I stepped on the scale to see how much I was, I was scared that I would weigh a lot but surprisingly I do not I actually weighed 7 pounds lighter than my pre-prego weight. Shortly after giving birth to my oldest son I had lost more than I had gained with my son back down to 140. I stayed at 140 for a while. Making it that I had lost 20 more pounds than what my pre-prego weight was. Then in December 2013 I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I gained a total of 46 pounds with my daughter weight 186 pounds when I had her. I lost all my weight a lot came off very fast but the last like 5-10 pounds stuck for a bit and by the time my daughter was 5-6 months old I was back down to 140. A few months after that I found out I was pregnant with my youngest son. I gained a lot of weight with him a total of 75 pounds maxing out at 215. I lost a good bit by my 6 week check up  of a total of 35 pounds of the 75 I had gained. I got put on Nexplanon and over a few months I had gained it all back doing the same thing I had done during the 6 weeks to lose the 35 pounds. I got off Nexplanon because of the weight gain and how it was effecting me. I had gotten really depressed and down and out while on it. After a few months of being off it I started feeling better. I feel a good bit back to myself now. I have tried to lose some weight and just got down and out because it hadn’t worked.  Here I sit 13 months after my son was born I am on day three of my weight loss journey all over again. I guess you can say my weight loss journey as all ways been here with my roller coaster scale. LOL!   


My goal is to get where I was okay with myself and fell way better about myself and fit into my favorite Jeans again and maybe loose a few more pounds to get down to where I will have a good BMI and be in the good range and not the overweight range. I have decided to try to get down to 125 which is in the middle of the healthy range on the BMI chart.  I correctly weigh 215 as of three days ago. (3-17-17), I hope I can lose 90 more pound and become more fit and feel great about myself again.  My weight puts a tole on me emotionally and physically. I am sick of being this big. I tell myself I didn’t gain all of it over night and I want lose it all that fast either. Yes there has been some set backs such as the birth control making me gain everything I had lost back by doing the same thing I was when losing it before birth control. I am hoping I will lose it pretty quick. I  am hoping to lose a good bit by the time summer comes. 😊


Thank you for reading. 🙂 



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