Week 2 Day 4

So I decided on March 18th to start watching what I eat and I did for three days and I  weighed myself and I had already lost 5 pounds. The next four days I bounced out and back from doing good eating to not doing good eating.  I started my period and every woman knows you can’t weight yourself while you’re on your period because you always gain weight while your friendly visitor joins. My week mark was the 25th of march. I didn’t weight myself at the 1 week mark nor did I measure myself. Today is week 2 day 4 and I have been doing good this week. I still haven’t weighed and will not till my period is gone completely. I  have been staying around 1200 calories a day. I have been eating whatever I want I just count the calories. I know I need to probably cut out more starches but for this week I am just making sure I stay around 1200 calories.

Sunday I ate: 1133

Monday I ate: 1195

Tuesday I ate: 1230 yes I went over but I was hungry and I had green beans.

Today I have only ate breakfast of 250 calories

I also started the couch to 5k program that’s on your phone. I have done the first and second day. I do the third tomorrow and I already feel the pain from yesterday. I also do a home workout. I am wanting to start the 21dayfit program Monday. I think it will be a better workout that what I am doing. I will include a few exercises from what I am doing now but mostly just do it and see if it helps for the next three weeks. I might start today I have not decided yet. since today is my workout day. I was wanting to run it by my husband first. I have to go for my walk today. I am hoping my hubby wants to go do that today or at least lets me while he works out. Having kinds can be a challenge when wanting to go to the gym. I have to say if you’re around a YMCA  and have kids go there it is so worth the monthly payment!!!




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