My real Struggle

Everyone thinks oh week one of my weight loss journey I will get everything down pat and I will lose weight fast and I won’t slide back into my old life style and I will always workout. What a load of bull crap. The last almost three weeks have been really hard and I have slid off track and I have went back on it. Tomorrow  starts  week 3.  The last two weeks have been so many different emotions run through me just a real struggle. I hate food yet I love food. It’s a total love hate relationship. I like food because it tastes good but I hate it because it makes me feel awful and makes me fat. The first two weeks where the only two weeks I lost weight. I weighted myself this morning to see how off track I got because I hadn’t ran or ate right the last like 4-5 days. I was still 209 Which was a relief because I haven’t gained weight but been off track for almost a week. It was one reason after another. It was a learning experience that’s for sure. I may not have lost any more weight than what I did the first like two week but I did learn a lot. I learned that no matter what happens I must stay on track and work on me. If I do not work on myself I will lose myself once again. This battle is a fight against myself for myself. Yesterday was my first day all over again however it wasn’t. I picked up where I left off. I ran day 3 over again. I figured out what I would have to do to pick back up and meet my deadline for my 5k run. I also started my 21DayFix workout program. I am doing it as well as  a few other things as well. I am trying to get to eating only when I am hungry and not going over my calorie range at the same time yesterday I only ate when I was hungry and I only ate 750 calories out of my 1200 calorie max.  I have only ate when I was hungry today as well so far I have only ate like 320 calories and it is 12pm. I have decided to cut out all sugar completely. I have for today and yesterday before I was eating it in moderation. I am not going to continue to do so for now later down the road I might add it in in moderate servings. I have also decided to cut at most carbs. Just limit it to mostly none. I am sore from yesterdays workout and I am hoping in the next couple days I will stop being sore my thighs and my back are so sore.

Thanks for listening.


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