Week 4 Day 1

I started my journey not to give up on March 18, 2017 and I have back slid in my eating,  days I didn’t workout and with that being said I have only lost 7 pounds since march 18th and it is April 8th. I hate that I haven’t lost much but the last month I have figured out what had to be done and it was a slow process and I think I am there. I still crave sugar just not as much. I still want everything in the kitchen other than what I need. my IC is feeling so much better but with the days I slid it still hurts. The last three days I have been back on track and I am hoping to stay that way. I have lost 2 pounds in those days. Which is great. Today is my measurements and weigh in day and I did even though I though I wouldn’t have lose anything because I have only been back at it no cheating and sliding backwards for two days. My body feels it and my legs ache and I still have to do my workout today. I am wanting to cut out mayo I eat that with like everything but with IC it is a flare up in a spoonful. Since my start on March 18, 2017 I have lost 7 pounds and I have lost 10 3/4 inches. It isn’t as much as I would have liked but I only got out how much I put in. I do not see any change and I am hoping 7 more pounds I will be able to tell it. I would like to lose more than two pounds this week but we shall see. I would love to be 190-195 by the end of the month but that’s a lot of weight to lose. 195 would be 12 pounds and 190 would be 17 pounds. As long as it is at least 2-3 pounds a week I will be happy.  I refuse to go into May weighing 200 pounds. I will be in the 100’s. Even if it is 199.  I am trying to stay positive about this. I didn’t gain it all over night and I will not lose it over night. I gained it over 9 months and as long as I lose it over the next 9 months I will be thrilled. There is a race I want to do in July but I am not sure if I will be able to do it. I wanted to be 160 pounds at least to do that Spartan race and IDK if I’ll lose the weight by then.  However my goal is to be under 200 this month that is 7 pounds to lose in the next three weeks. We shall see what happens. More would be so great.


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