Mommy Moment

Okay so I have to share my Mommy moment that happened yesterday.

My husband was getting in the shower and I was changing into my workout clothes my daughter who is  2 & 1/2 was in the bedroom with us. My husband was naked grabbing some underwear he forgot to take to the bathroom with him. As I sat on the edge of the bed fiddling with my socks I heard my daughter say “Mommy, he’s got a big one.” I sat there and was thinking “What?” I asked her “Do what, Galaxy?”  She was all bashful and lade her head on the bed. I looked at my husband and we both couldn’t help but to smile and laugh. I told her “Yes, Daddy’s penis is big. It’s because he’s big.” Mind you all she has a little brother and a big brother. My husband said “I give I don’t know what to say. I’m taking my shower now.”

My daughter recently has shocked me with some of the things she has said. A few weeks ago I was changing my clothes and putting my bra on and she said “Boobies are to feed baby’s.” When I went to talk to after she pointed and told me. She acted all shy and bashful. It’s right boobies are for babies. I nursed my three children.

Children shock me with what they say and do sometimes.



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