Weigh in day!

So here’s my rant for the day….It’s weight in day.

So today’s my actually weigh in day. Idk why other day I weighed myself I normally only do it on weight in days but I don’t know how you can gain 2 pounds, nothing’s changed and calories and workouts are the same. It really makes me aggravated because my weight naturally will go up and down when I ate what I want and not exercising. Not to mention I’ve not cheated went over calorie goal, ate sweets other than other day for my sons birthday I had one small slice of cake. I’ve still lost from last week only one pound but I weighted in the middle of the week for some reason and I had already lost 3 pounds from last weigh in day (Every Saturdays) so I’m really lost, bothered and stressed about all this. Work my butt off and get no where. Not to mention my measurements went up from last week. I literally do not know what’s up.

Use to I would be like I need to lose weight and lose ten pounds the first week then it would slow down because the first week would be lots of water weight and cutting sweets and stuff out by never gained back what I lost. I really feel like something’s up and it’s not with my calorie intake. I just feel like a 200-215 pound person shouldn’t be stuck and plattoded at the weight she started at when there’s been so much change.

I’m giving it this week I’m going to keep a recorded of what I eat I normally just add it up on a white board and erase it at the end of the day before bed and maybe talk to a nutritionist after this keeps happening and it’s not that I give up I’ll lose it then gain it back. a few weeks ago I lost weight 4 pounds then I gained 2 of it back and then the next week lost It. Yes I had one bad week in between but that was after I had to lost the weight I had already lost and I didn’t gain anything that week when I was having a rough week I just stayed still. Last time I tried to lose weight I watched what I ate strictly for a month and I didn’t lose a pound. I literally don’t know why a 215 pound person can’t lose weight. I know you hit plattos and stuff but I simple can’t even get it started. It’s not that I don’t know how to lose weight I do I have proof with picture of my self over the years. I know it’s about how much and eat good stuff instead of a bag of potato chips. But seriously trying and just not seeing anything and working your butt off then you turn around and gain weight and it’s not that time of the month (I don’t even bother the scale that time of month because I’ve gained and lost ten pounds over those 7 days.) and you’ve not cheated stopped working out or anything. I simply am pissed off because I worked my butt off only to gain weight. Now that’s just screwed up. 

I have know idea what else to do other than go talk to someone and or maybe go to the doctor about it. I am tired of being this size and hating looking at myself in the mirror. and to work my butt off and gain when I had lost back really bothers me specially when I know I didn’t back slide. :/ I do not want to lose 3 pounds then gain 2 back to only lose 1 pound then do it over again. It’s to much for me and it will take me forever to lose weight like that and I don’t think that can be to healthy.  Lose it and gain it all back then lose it then gain it back.

If you have dealt with this please feel free to message me.


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