Weight loss struggle

Okay so last week I had a really bad week. Half way through the week I weighted myself for some reason, I do not remember why and I had already lost 3 pounds I was excited because that meant I was down 11 pounds only a whole 79 to go till my main goal. I felt good I was excited.  The day of my weigh in I weighed and I had gained 2 of the three pounds I had lost. I couldn’t figure out why because I was still eating anywhere from 750-1300 calories  a day. The last two days I have been writing everything I eat down and today After reading an article I decided I am done with counting calories I never have before now. Have I only ever just ate when I was hungry and till I was full/ half my plate. So you know what screw calories. I will for the next 5 days write down what I eat and how many calories I eat but I am done with them. I will do the whole 1 plate, only eat half of it at a time and a few more little rules I made up for my self years ago when I was losing weight. Today I have been pushing myself to eat more and huh I am miserable. I am so full I feel sick. Like I will go throw everything I have ate up. I have ate way to much for today. I over ate completely at supper but I was like what the heck? I’ve been wanting what I ate for a month now and stayed away from it. I’m not losing anything.  Anyways today is my blue day and yes I over done it but I have learned a lot from today and these weight loss weeks.

  1. Is that I am a fatso and that is the truth so be it.
  2. You can always work your butt off and still not get anywhere.
  3. Sometimes you need help. Me I need help in losing weight IDK what to do anymore.
  4. I really want this weight to hurry up and come off.

I will be back later for another post but for now  this is all. I think that we all have to find our way of handling a new life style and well the calorie count and what not isn’t working out to well with me.  that I am having to find my own way.


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