Rolling through the Moments

Rolling through the moments, with you, and without you.

The day’s go by, slow, and fast.

With tires, and without.

The moments role away so fast.

Laughing moments come and go.

The good, the bad, the worst, the great.

Moments are still rolling fastly away,

Only can I make it through the day, we say, still as the moments role away.

We wish the moments would stay, while we let them slip away.

While the moments come and go,  among our day, we’re  still  rolling through the moments of our day.


2-21-2011 Brassie ❤


My Story is my own.

My story is my own, everyone has one of their own.
Mine has heart aches and heart breaks.
Laughter, crying and all the in betweens.
It has had broken promises and lies, deals and truth and all the in betweens.
Most of all it’s my life, my story to tell.
It’s one of a kind, only mine.
Nebraska A. Chapman

You’re not man enough for me.

I hate you yet I love you.

I want you but I don’t need you.

I want to share these moments yet you want nothing to do with them.

I miss you but you don’t miss me.

You’re someone who betrayed me.

You’re the one that left me.

You’re the one who mistreated me yet blame me for your wrongs.

Why do I feel like I was lied to all this time?

I was lied to, everyone sees.

You’re a liar, always will be.

You’re not man enough for me.

Never where you truthfully faithful.

Never did you mean those vows you spoke to me.

You’re a conniving, selfish, hypocrite

You’re a child, never to be a man.

You’re not man enough for me.


Just a Cold

I wipe the tears from my eyes as if I was dusting dirt off my rump. The tears seem to never stop falling. The feeling is unbearable as someone ripped my chest open, stabbed a billion needles into my heart as they pull the vanes out of my body one at a time just to pleasure themselves. The tightening of my eyes make them look old and wore. The redness of my skin makes the pell white skin look red as a sunburnt apple. The numbness comes over just to ease the pain a little at a time. The screams I scream from the inside that not a soul hears yells out “Dear Lord why do I have to bear this type of pain? Haven’t I dealt enough with the trials I have dealt? Take the pain I feel.” The stuffiness of the nose allows all to hear just a bit of the pain I feel. As some will know and others it’s yet just a cold.

Why Bother

Why cry tears about someone who cries not a single tear for you?
Why forgive someone who keeps doing the same thing over and over?
Why keep trusting someone who keeps breaking that trust over and over?
Why love someone who doesn’t love you?
Why is it the natural thing to do is to cry tear after tear for that person, keep forgiving, fighting for that trust, and keep loving that person who betrays you in so many ways when in fact it’s the billionth time.
Why bother trying to be there?
Why bother forgiving over and over?
Why bother trying to build the trust?
Why bother trying to be their friend?
Why bother?
Why be the only one crushed and in pain in the scene of life?
Why bother?
Why bother being the only one feeling this way?
Why bother trusting anyone when you feel so alone and betrayed?
Why bother?

Do you ever?

Do you ever?
Do you ever feel like I do and wake up wishing this was a dream? Where the nightmare will stop.
Do you ever?
Do you ever fell like a piece of trash when you wake up because you’re so down and out?
Do you ever?
Do you ever wake up wishing to have that special someone back?
Do you ever?
Do you ever just feel like you just want to talk to that special someone but can’t?
Do you ever?
Do you ever feel like life’s a disaster?
Do you ever?
Do you ever just want that special moment back?
Do you ever?
Do you ever feel like you just miss me as much as I miss you?
Do you ever?
Do you ever wish things could change? As much as I do.
Do you ever?
Do you ever just want the mistakes you’ve made to go away?
Do you ever?
Do you ever wish you could just say sorry do your wrongs?
Do you ever?
Do you just ever?
Do you ever?

Just something I wrote.

Sadness behind those eyes will kill.

Sadness behind those eyes will kill.

Slowly, calmly, but it will kill.

Slowly, calmly yet it sadness comes in.

When it makes it in it goes deep and deeper within you it soaks its way all the way through.

Never to be removed, yet we try and try but it keeps spreading with no hope insight, like a virus.

We find the cure, slowly happiness slips back in.

Still no hope insight, sadness wins the fight with in.

Slowly we slip away, no hope insight.

Like a doormat we feel, walked on and used to only pleasant and used.

Sadness behind those eyes doesn’t show yet it will kill.

Sadness behind those eyes will kill.


Can’t Believe

September 6, 2013
Looking back over the years to when Michael and I 1st met, got together, and our up and downs. I have to say I never pictured us where we are today, married, living in Louisiana, and have a baby together. I have to say  I can’t believe Michael and I have been together for a total of 3 years, 10 months, 3 weeks and 4 days. We have been married 1 year out of our almost 4 and have a beautiful baby boy named Jasper who is 21 weeks and 3 days. I am blessed and I am thankful.   I just can’t believe how fast time has flown. 🙂



I swear wondering gets me in so much trouble.

Why do I wonder so much?

Why do I question so many things?

Why can’t I just go with the flow?

Am I normal?

Why is it the wondering leads to questions and questions lead to doubt and doubt leads to depression and depression leads to being miserable.

Am I made up of to many questions and is there to much wonder in me?



Stop me Before I say Goodbye!

Stop me before I say goodbye.. Stop me before I let lose.. Stop me before I give up.. Stop me before I let the past eat me alive..Stop me before I lose my chance.. Stop me.. Stop me.. Stop me.. Stop me before I say goodbye for the last time.. Show me to say hello.. Show me to hang on.. Show me to try.. Show me to stand firm.. Show me the chance is worth it.. Show me.. Show me.. Show me.. Show me to say hello before I say goodbye for the last time..