So I sit here and my eyes hurt because I slept very little last night, mind you that happens a lot since I am a mother of three tinny adults who seems to have a mind of their own and never want to sleep. Mommy life I swear. Well I am sitting here and I am wanting to workout but I have not built up enough strength to get my fat butt off this couch. Well I am going to have to if I wish to be tinny. Can’t just sit here and dream about it all the time. Or can we and we’ll become thin? Yeah, I thought not. Well since I am lazy and that is a large problem in my life right now. I have to drag myself to do anything I like to do. I’ve been told its not that I am lazy its because I’m currently dealing with depression which was brought on by a silly little thing to prevent me from having another tinny bossy adult in my life that is the size large watermelon. Well explain that one later.  Well I want to say Welcome to my blog. 🙂  Follow my MomBlog for more Mommy moments. Follow my Dreamingly Thin for my more weight loss journey. Through the Lens for photography related blogs. There all me however just a little organize. Enjoy.